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Doing well by doing good is a concept that crosses party lines.

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Helping Non-Profits Influence Public Policy

PinPoint Strategy is a leading government affairs firm dedicated to helping non-profits maximize their government relations efforts. PinPoint Strategy offers a wide range of government affairs services to fit a wide range of not-for-profit businesses. Whether you’re a small, local organization or a bustling national not-for-profit, we can help you succeed. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services and how PinPoint Strategy can work for you.


Running an effective non-profit requires more than a mission statement and passionate hearts that desire to leave the world better than they found it.  It requires a voice that actually gets heard as legislation is being considered that could dramatically support or cripple your ability to fulfill your mission.

PPS is a government affairs consulting firm specializing in the not-for-profit sector.  Whether you are an organization in its infancy or with years of history, PPS can help you capitalize on the inherent strengths of your not-for-profit to influence public policy. 

Talking Business

Strategic Planning

Effective government affairs initiatives require hard work.  Most things in life do.  The secret to effective government affairs is the strategy behind it.  PinPoint Strategy yields the best results for your organization in the shortest amount of time. 

With your mission at the center, our team critically evaluates your organizations government affairs program to identify strategic opportunities; produce creative, targeted solutions; and generate concise arguments supported by facts. As your partner, we will effectively coach and help you  mobilize multidisciplinary teams to deliver on strategic objectives.


Relationship Building

We love to hear the phrase, "these are the most challenging times I have ever seen."  The truth is, all times are challenging when it comes to government affairs.  The key is to focus on the core fundamentals maximizing your efforts to create effective, beneficial relationships.  That is where PPS delivers. Our team is adept at building cross-organizational alliances, securing audiences with key leaders and stakeholders, and propelling public awareness of critical industry issues and initiatives through multi-pronged media outreach initiatives.

Reaching a Deal

Our People

Get to Know Us


Marlowe Foster

Founder & CEO


Louis Fawcett

Strategic Partner




Of Counsel


What can PinPoint Do for You?


  • Assess your organizational strengths that will support a government affairs program

  • Construct a realistic government affairs program for you with manageable timelines

  • Establish a mapping of key natural allies and "targeted" relationships for development

  • Assist in the production of your government affairs hook

  • Help you look past the current partisan gridlock to the art of the possible 

The Word is Out! Read Our Testimonials

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

I have worked with Marlowe on several complex public policy and advocacy issues and I can think of no one better equipped to help an organization in this area. Marlowe has been in hand-to-hand combat in many state capitols across the country and knows how to get the job done. He effectively opens doors and gets policy makers to see his client’s side of the story. Marlowe would be a huge asset to most any organization and especially one that is just ramping up its public affairs efforts.

Tripp Perrin
Lindl Corporation

Marlowe is a great government relations professional. He is ethical and is very detail oriented. Marlowe managed his budget like a hawk while still accomplishing strategic objectives. He is focused on providing results. I highly recommend Marlowe.

Melissa Bishop-Murphy
Senior Director at Pfizer

Marlowe has always impressed me as not only a wonderful person, but also someone who is skilled in government relations.

R. Gene Davis, Jr.
Attorney at law

I have worked with Marlowe for more than a decade. He exemplifies what you want in a government affairs consultant. Detailed, tenacious, but extremely personable, Marlowe blends the intensity needed to deliver results with the graciousness that government affairs demands.

Darrell Campbell
Campbell Consulting Group 

Marlowe is a talented government relations professional who has an exact knowledge of the legislative and regulatory process as well as a thorough understanding of how politics influences the formation of public policy. He is personable, an able public speaker and presenter, and has a natural charisma and warmth.

Joe Stewart
Executive Director at NC FreeEnterprise Foundation

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